Time to Cry Tuesday – My Spot (one year later)

Last year on February 22nd, I wrote this post. If you are not inclined to go back and read it, the short version is that there is a spot in my house that is my perfect place. I am sure many of you have one just like it. The place you go to read, to rest, for comfort, to chill. YOUR spot. Sometimes it comes with a cup of tea and others it needs a glass of wine. And when things get really hectic, a vodka on the rocks goes perfectly.

Needless to say I have clocked many an hour there. What always made that spot one step more special was having my dog at my feet. For those who don’t know, I lost my dog Mel at 12.5 this past October. I was completely devastated and lost without her. Thinking I would never be able to do it all over again with a puppy at this stage of my life I soon proved myself wrong.

We were lucky enough for the stars to be aligned and not long after we lost her, Iko came into our lives.

And wouldn’t you know it, that puppy just KNEW where  she needed to hang.

She is freakishly Mel-like in this shot, but oh so welcome. I am sure the essence of Mel lured her there. This is not the only spot of Mel’s that she has taken as her own.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my old girl. Somehow this makes it both much harder and infinitely easier.


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7 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – My Spot (one year later)

  1. laurie

    Have you read “A Dog’s Purpose”?

  2. as much as anything else, I miss the wisdom in Loomis’ eyes..And in spite that he really was the problem child, I felt enormously honored to be his person. If our hearts didn’t hurt for missing them, what would that say? My spot is so similar in essence. Ty is at my feet right now and in this (early morning) moment, everything feels right with the world.

  3. Joanne Florin


  4. Ivy Mindlin Epstein

    OMG. Crying. Love the room, love the shots…love the dogs. Give Iko a kiss for me

  5. I appreciate your love for your pets. Where would I be without my cats? Unimaginable. Love the look of your spot– you make me want to go home and rearrange furniture!

  6. I miss that waddling pup so much 🙂 But happy Iko is around to show us how to move on !

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