On Mistakes

This came in the chinese food a few weeks ago. I can’t remember whose fortune it was but it matters not.

Who doesn’t repeat a good mistake now and then? You know, you did something, the outcome was a train wreck and the situation arises again and this time you are sure you can fix it and make things right. And then just as you think the outcome is going to be different and you have a really good handle on things you realize …

Oh my G-d, I remember this part. This is a HUGE mistake; and you brace yourself for the fallout with a good old-fashioned cringe.

Then you dust yourself off and make a mental note to not be stupid enough to try it a third time.


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6 responses to “On Mistakes

  1. I pretty much spend every day cringing. I repeat a LOT of mistakes!

  2. A quick smile. I’ve gotten some strange fortunes, but that was some weird fortune-cookie writer at work.

  3. Riki

    but don’t they say third time’s a charm

  4. One of my favorite Smothers Brothers’ lines was when Tommy said, after being asked if he would jump off a bridge just because someone else did, “Not again.”

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