College Move-in Fiasco (Time to Cry Tuesday)

Five years, two kids, hundreds of pounds of luggage and thousands of dollars at Bed Bath and Target and you would think I had this thing down pat already. Actually, the funny part is I really thought I did. Until of course I reached the rental car line at the Milwaukee airport and realized that somewhere between the security check at LGA and the very spot I was standing I had somehow…


Loud enough? I wrote that in caps because I want you all to understand the gravity of being 74 miles from Madison with upwards of 160 lbs of luggage, 150 lbs of boy and NO CAR. That’s right kiddies… almost 52 years old and I am still losing my license. I like to think of it as part of my charm. My son likes to think of it as one of my least endearing qualities.

After a few moments of OMG panic and what the hell are we going to do now behavior I figuratively slapped myself across the face and subscribed to my friend Jeanne’s famous theory, “Money is the answer, now tell me your problem”. Let me just interject with the fact that I do not really believe that, although outside of loss, health issues and affairs of the heart it is hard to argue the point that money can’t fix most things. It certainly fixed this problem.

I would like to thank my new BFF Jodi, from Step Ahead Services in Madison, WI who jumped in her town car and rescued me from winning the Loser Mother of the Year Award. If you are ever in the Milwaukee/Madison area please consider using their services. Not only did she drop everything and get to us as fast as humanly possible, she agreed to take us to Bed Bath/Target, stop at my hotel to drop my bags, a restaurant to pick up Danny’s keys from his roomies and ultimately to his apartment – all at no extra charge.

While waiting for Jodi I ran around the airport reporting the lost license to the airport sherrif’s department, where I met the lovely Officer James who had a hard time understanding my NY accent along with the brewing laryngitis from the plague I have been suffering. Then there was the fabulous Luce at the AirTran lost and found and of course the ever sympathetic crowd at the Enterprise office who were praying that I did not start to cry while begging them to rent me a car to an 18 year old. (no go, btw). Almost got them to drive us to Madison for the price of my rental.

The saga continued and yes I was able to fly back thanks to the fact that I have lost my license before and had a spare one that was not expired in my house (hold the comments on pattern of behavior, please). My hero Jimmy G just happened to be flying back to Madtown from Equifunk on Sunday and promptly delivered it to my hotel… indebted to that boy for life. AND of course my dear friends Linda and Richie made sure to rescue me to the bar that first night and help me see the humor in the situation.

All in all a lesson learned.

Don’t lose your damn license when you are traveling!



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10 responses to “College Move-in Fiasco (Time to Cry Tuesday)

  1. Have always wondered what would happen if I did this—so now I know. Hilarious.
    PS Glad the move went well in the end. Will miss being in Madison–

  2. Glad to be part of the saga…

  3. This seems like one of those moments we cry about.. but years from now oh how the laughter will roar!
    I’m glad everything worked out in the end. 🙂


  4. I’m sure it will be a good story you will laugh at some day!

  5. Jodie

    Too funny for words!!!!!!!

  6. Jodie

    Actually…that picture says it all…..can’t stop laughing!!!

  7. Joanne Florin

    Omg, that picture of Danny is definitely a time to cry Tuesday! Thank goodness, Jean’s theory worked out!

  8. What an experience. But look what it produced — one hellavu good blog, memories to last a lifetime, knowledge that no matter how bad it gets your son did not disown you (close maybe), new friends, and a knowledge that your networking is all in place. Good job. Now have your license tattooed on your body!

    • True, Penny. What blows my mind is that you can deposit a check by taking a picture with your phone but a license on your ipad won’t rent you a car! Seriously!!!

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