Stuck Forever?

Today on my walk, instead of garbage, I came across this sign on a freshly paved driveway. You really have to love my neighbors. Instead of being mean or stern they opted for the humorous tone to make sure no one walked on their driveway.

I don’t know about you but I would certainly not risk being stuck there FOREVER! A couple of hours maybe, but forever?! I thought it would be funny to get Mel in the background on the driveway but again, forever just did not seem doable.



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4 responses to “Stuck Forever?

  1. Bonnie Brockett

    love your humor * and I liked the sorry note that I think your son wrote to his buddy you posted. Thanks for making me smile – you should write a book

  2. amy

    I’m not sure why, but when I was a kid people on tv shows were getting sucked into quicksand an awful lot-it always looked like a big wading pool filled with Wheatina. And there would always be someone around to throw a vine at the poor flailing quick-sand victim. (Not much quicksand on tv lately, I’ve noticed). Anyway, the value of a quicksand fate was definitely it’s merciful quickness. No Forever. Getting stuck in tar Forever would not be my preferred choice.

  3. Great sign. Since reading your blog, I have been more mindful of signs I run across. My favorite, a posting for 24-Hour Pharmacy, underneath, it said “Closed.” I wanted to take a photo for you, but my phone was dead.

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