Mini Giraffe is the New Teacup Pig

Have you seen this commercial? The one with the mini giraffe on the treadmill? If not, you are surely under a rock. It’s for Direct TV and I swear if they could promise me one of these critters I would sign up for almost anything. I have been meaning to write about this for ages.

The commercial could go down in history as being one of the most annoying pieces of advertising ever produced. The premise is stupid, the main character is as irritating as they come and I will not even begin to go into the sexist way in which the women are portrayed because, hey, this is about mini giraffes and that would be a buzz kill. But it sticks, and that is the whole point.

There on the right side of the screen is this mini giraffe on a treadmill that has captured the hearts of all who see it. Without the giraffe this spot would just be another stupid commercial that you would probably flip the channel to avoid. But the giraffe… she makes it one you look forward to seeing and you tolerate the idiot Russian to do so.

In a stroke of genius and some really solid social integration strategy, they created a website for Sokoblovsky Farms, Russia’s Finest Purveyors of Petite Lap Giraffes. On the home page is a giraffe-cam. It does not get better than this. The whole site is written in a Russian accent and is stupid, yet endearing. This is my favorite picture.

When you go to this page you can click on the ‘I Want a Giraffe’ button which told me I was 915,499 on the wait list and gave me the opp to… you guessed it, share the news on facebook and twitter.

Gary is convinced that 915,498 of the people think these mini giraffes really exist.

Wait, they don’t?


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12 responses to “Mini Giraffe is the New Teacup Pig

  1. Okay Amy,

    Talk about clueless. I’ve seen that commercial lots of times but never noticed the giraffe. Or if I did, it must have not seemed strange to me. Either way, I thought the commercial was silly – except for the cool sexist portrayal of women of course. 🙂


  2. Nancy

    it would be great if they really did,but i would love to have a horse this size.

  3. I have loved that commercial for precisely that moment with the giraffe on the treadmill. I’ve talked about it like a fool, to strangers in my local pub. I am frightened by my adoration.

    You can never know the relief I feel having blindly come across another as insane as I am. And then the real thrill: to learn that there are a million others who love it too!

    My day is made, but I dare not go to the website. Who knows if I’d ever leave??? Great post!

    • I suppose we are but kindred souls, all rallying around a modern day unicorn of sorts.

      Happy to entertain you. Welcome to the fun and games.

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  5. bella thorne from shake it up/cece

    hey guys it me cece from shake it up that giraffe is cute

  6. WOW!!! that is amazing!!!! I can’t believe they exist. I wonder how big they get?

  7. love this and love your site. ps – i once yelled out, ‘there is no such thing as a mini pony,’ only to see an article in that evening’s paper about how they help people w disabilities. thanks for reading my stuff and following. i used to be in the ad world prior to teaching just as an aside –

    • Same. We surely think alike. I look forward to following you as well. Not sure how you have grand kids… Guessing you were a very young mom.

  8. with some wacky math, and oh, yes a very early pregnancy, i now have 3 daughters and 6 grandies, don’t know how it happened either.

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