Tandem Colonsocopy

I get a close marriage. I am touched by a couple that wants to share everything. But a colonoscopy day? Hmmmm… not so much.

I bring this up because I have some friends (who will go unnamed so unless you were in the room don’t even try to ask who) that decided to book their colonoscopies on the same day. The sentiment was to be miserable together so neither one could really complain all that much and to get it over with together.

Isn’t half the fun of a colonoscopy the complaining. Oh right, now the fun is all in crapping your brains out, I forgot, forgive me. If you recall I did a very extensive blog post on my first colonoscopy

Sorry, this is just a little too much togetherness for me. And who gets the better bathroom?

Let’s put this out for a vote:


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8 responses to “Tandem Colonsocopy

  1. When I first saw the results I thought, 100% Yes! What a fun group of commenters!

    Then I realized I was the only one who answered.

    (feebly) First!

    • Yes, Queen, you voted less than an hour after the post went up. Let’s see how this goes over the next day or so. some interesting comments already.

  2. margi

    Yeah. Okay I get the closeness thing and that they don’t need the couples’ retreat like we do where you tell each other everything. He takes the leftover bathroom farthest from civilization.

    I’ll vote for us both that that over-50 procedure shared rates a ‘hell no.’ Oddly enough – I’m good with that. Not oddly nor suprising, he just quipped ‘no’ in response. Have fun!! We are just not so much close.

    • After some discussion it will be interesting to see if they go through with it. Don’t worry, Margi, I don’t think this is a marriage-breaker for you, especially if you both agree ; )

  3. Bonnie

    I enjoy your daily blogs * you have a wonderful sense of humor & you are very informative – thanks for sharing

  4. ROFL!!!! thats gross though i have the same idea for when my hubby bothers to actually marry me lol, i promised i would get a Brazilian, but only if he did too lol!!

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