Citi Field, some messed up tickets and the Odd Couple

Stay tuned for the full post on the most amazing Saturday night. We saw The Last Play at Shea, a must see film simultaneously chronicling the history of Shea Stadium, the Mets and Billy Joel‘s career. More about this on Tuesday.

Tonight’s post is about a moment. One that took place right in the middle of an annoying sequence of events that led us to the ticket office at Citi Field due to bad computer print-outs. We were waiting patiently for the sweet, but very slow moving woman behind the counter to give us new, scan-able tickets when another guy in front of us went into a scene that was too good to be true. It made me realize at that moment, THIS was the reason that our tickets were screwed up (not a printer in urgent need of print head cleaning).

He said to the girl behind the counter that was certainly too young to know what the hell he was talking about, “You’ll remember my name, right? It’s Jeff Unger. You know, like Felix Unger, only I am truthfully a lot more like Oscar Madison.”

That was all I had to hear. Gary and I are HUGE Odd Couple fans. When I turned to look at him he gave me that exaggerated Ohhhhhhhh sort of face like the Little Rascals and then promptly broke into  the following song from the Odd Couple. (one of our favorites). Sometimes you are simply in the right place at the right time.


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3 responses to “Citi Field, some messed up tickets and the Odd Couple

  1. Oscar, Oscar, ah ah ah ah ah

    Thanks for this, I loved it! The Odd Couple was a great show.

    Sorry for the ticket snafu. Hopefully you were able to get your new tickets and find your way to your seats before the first pitch.

    • OMG, we watched that vid 3 times this morning!!

      No worries on the tics. But no first pitch, this was for a screening of the film ‘Last Play at Shea’

      Stay tuned for a review on Tuesday

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