Time to Cry Tuesday – Boyz 2 Men

Hold on to your kleenex, kiddies, we are in countdown mode till the youngest child goes off to college. I will spare the drama, but this post had to be written.

Those who are walking down this road with me, we all know that this will be the fall of doing whatever the hell we want. And that surely does ease the pain of letting go. But every so often there is a moment. One that gets stuck in your throat and makes it just a little harder to breathe than you would like.

This past weekend I got my boy back for a few short days between counselor at camp and freshman at college. As we pulled into the zip code he had just enough time to shower before we were off to a 5 family farewell dinner with some of ‘his boys’.

Of course we had to torture them with the cameras a bit. But I am pretty sure that this post will make them glad that we did. For in picture number one below, you will find some of the very same smiles as picture number two. They may be hard to find, what with the facial hair and the hunky builds (I knew you guys would love that one), but they are the very same smiles that kept us moms going all these years.

We cheered at the sidelines for all these athletes, and of course virtually for our ‘mathlete’. We have lived through your joys and disappointments together as a community of families as if each and every one of you were our very own; because in essence you were.

We let you puke on our couches (as little ones) and in our cars (as not so little ones). Our homes were all yours, and of course so were our fridges and pantries. Never once did our love for you fail, even when your judgement sometimes did. The friendships you have shared through these years are nothing to be taken lightly.

May you always know the feeling of someone having your back the way you have here with each other. And may your moms survive this without putting you over the edge.

I love you all. Now go out and be all you can be.

And for G-d’s sake, be careful!

Oh, and of course remember to come back and eat me out of house and home whenever your hearts’ desire.


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11 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Boyz 2 Men

  1. you got me… how beautiful

  2. Liz

    Whoa! Gorgeous, soul wrenching. Sob.

  3. Up Up Up! to boyz 2 men! I really like that band. That’s cool!

  4. Riki Potter

    As one of the referenced moms I have to add how lucky we are to have each other to get through this together. I know I put you all over the edge the other night and I wont do it again in public but have to say once again, don’t know how I could live without you.

  5. Fran

    Thanks for speaking so eloquently for all of us. It’s funny, I have the same two photos..different kids..but same photos and sentiment. Congrats on all of your success. You obviously did something right. Hang in there, Amy.

  6. Dream on — “fall of doing whatever the hell we want.” It never quite happens. The pictures are great, the sentiments beautiful. I smiled with tears in my eyes. So glad our paths have crossed.

  7. Linda Levinger

    As another mother of one of the boys I have to say how lucky I feel to have each of them and their families in my life.

  8. yeh, i realize that was optimistic. glad you liked the post and me too.

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