21 years ago today…

… I took off my jewelry and nail polish, did not wear any make up, and marched into the hospital for a scheduled c-section.

I liked to think of it at the time as the Jewish girl’s version of natural childbirth.

You see, the strong-willed, confident, decided personality of my amazing daughter were the very traits that kept that little breech baby from turning around in utero. Even after an external version, which in my opinion is not a valid medical practice. They tried to turn her at around 8 months and on the sonogram I am pretty sure I saw her move half way around,  stick out her tongue, give us the finger, then turn right back.

It is hard for me to fathom that today I am the parent of a 21-year-old. I could ramble on with all that Sunrise, Sunset, is this the little girl I carried stuff but honestly, I don’t think Dr. Jimmy could bear it. And truthfully, I am on the verge of launching her brother.

In the name of not starting to cry now through the end of June I will remain truly happy that my girl is finishing her semester abroad and celebrating her birthday in the middle of hundreds of Flamenco dress clad women during yet another festival holiday in Sevilla.

So instead of turning this into a Time to Cry Sunday, I will use this post to ask each and every one of you out there –even the non-commenting all time lurkers – to come out of the woodwork and wish my girl, my first born, Jana, a very happy birthday. Maybe this will help make up for the fact that Fed Ex did not deliver her package in time even though I paid the national debt to get it there.

Some lame excuse about a volcano.

Anyway, Janny-girl, this is what you will find when you finally get that box.

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19 responses to “21 years ago today…

  1. Kevin Kronenberg

    I enjoy reading ” I could cry, but….” so it would be my pleasure to wish your first born, Jana a *HAPPY~ 21st ~ BIRTHDAY*

  2. Jennifer Krieger

    Happy Birthday, Jana!
    There is nothing better than seeing your children grow to honorable adulthood.
    A pat on the back to you both,

  3. A big day–for both of you! Happy birthday to Jana and congratulations to Mom.

  4. Dani Glaser

    21??? CG is only 19!! (lol) Jana, sounds like you are celebrating your birthday in style! Enjoy every last moment and I know a few people (me too!) who can’t wait to have you home. Happy birthday sweetheart…. love, dani

  5. Dr Jimmy

    Happy Birthday Jana! It’s a Time To Cry Sunday!

  6. Coming out of the woodwork to wish your beautiful girl and very happy birthday and many more!

  7. laurie

    Jana, May this one be the best yet! It sounds like it may be hard to top! ❤

  8. lon

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

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  10. linda levinger

    My dear jana, happy birthday. I love u and miss u. Cannot believe my little girl is 21. Where did the time go? The presents were mailed a long time ago. I wonder how I
    know. Love

    , l

  11. Paula

    Wow – great spread of the gifts. What fun it would be to see them opened.

  12. susan

    Feliz cumpleanos jana..
    Xoxo susan

  13. amy kramer

    happy birthday! from one breech baby to another — rock on!

  14. margi

    Happy 21st birthday Jana! It seems like only yesterday when I was 21 and exchanging foreign currency. I only hope I can be half as considerate to my son and remember to send a pkg or two when he goes abroad in college!

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  16. thanks everyone, for the Jana wishes. she was touched!

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