Recovery Agent

I love this picture. I love how the yellow type on his shirt matches the wall. I love the coral and turquoise accents. I love the chrome furniture that doesn’t really belong in the tropical setting. And I really love the big cup of fries on the table next to this super-sized guy (note the ankles – they are the size of my neck!).

But what I love the most is the type on his shirt.

Recovery Agent.

What the hell is a Recovery Agent? One source I found in a google search told me that a Recovery Agent is a person who is issued a public key certificate for the purpose of recovering user data that is encrypted with Encrypting File System (EFS). Um, ok. Probably not this guy.

Then I found the The Fugitive Recovery Network website. Now let me tell you, I’m not sure how I have lived without knowing about this stuff all these years. These guys ‘provide national professional services to Bail Enforcement, Fugitive Apprehension, Bail Bondsman, Bounty Hunters, Fugitive Recovery, Private Investigators, Surety Companies, and Skip Tracer Agencies or Agents.’

Fugitive Apprehension?! Bounty Hunters?! Skip Tracer (WTF) Agents?! Man these are some exciting job titles.

But somehow I think this guy bought this at a souvenir shop like the NYPD shirts you can buy in Times Square.

Hey, a guy can dream.

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2 responses to “Recovery Agent

  1. frankie

    he is repo guy he repo’s cars, trucks and other things people could not pay for anymore.

  2. Dr Jimmy

    He recovers whatever can fit on his plate…..or possibly furniture….

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