A little dog food never hurt anyone

I am convinced that my dog and I are genetically linked. I think I wrote about this once before but I can’t find the post and quite honestly it has been a long day.

Mel and I both suffer from hypothyroidism. Not all that uncommon in women ‘of a certain age‘, this basically means that we have underactive thyroids that do not produce a certain hormone and can cause us to feel sluggish. There are other more miserable things that it can cause but luckily neither one of us gone that far.

As a result of this disorder, I find myself in the odd circumstance to be taking the same medication as my pup. There on the windowsill in the kitchen sit two (almost identical) bottles of pills. One sleepy morning this week I took a pill from my bottle and buried it neatly in a chunk of the wet dog food that I mix in with Mel’s kibble. As I was inserting the pill I noticed it was yellow and not lavender, indicating this was my pill not hers.

Now don’t get me wrong here but at the price I pay for meds these days I was not about to throw away a perfectly good pill just because it had a slight slime of dog food on it. Like any self-respecting dog owner would, I wiped it off and put it back in the bottle.

So if any of you notice me scratching myself behind my ear with my foot or barking uncontrollably this week you will understand why.

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8 responses to “A little dog food never hurt anyone

  1. When I was pregnant with my son and sick all day every day, I took half an Actifed every morning to try to stave off the nausea-inducing post nasal drip; the main benefit was that it whacked me out so seriously that I was somewhat unaware of how lousy I felt. Anyway, one morning I accidentally took the dog’s medicine. The instant I swallowed it I knew I’d made a mistake but, ironically, I couldn’t make myself throw it back up (sorry — TMI?). My doctor laughed at me when I reached him, assured me the baby would be unharmed, and warned me to stay away from the Alpo for the rest of the day.

  2. Liz

    Does that count for the five second rule?

  3. Paula

    Just the chuckle I needed today….

  4. Found this by accident. A number of good points – the importance of PROPER dog food is so often overlooked and this article includes a lot of interest. It can really change their mood and training. looking forward to more. Would like to write my thoughts down in a blog like this.

  5. this is a great share. I always think about how to feed my dog with the healthy food.

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