Just Another Manic Monday

All that food. All that family. And the hanging around, wandering aimlessly through a 4-day weekend. The laundry. The trips to the airport. Of course a massive leaf blowing extravaganza. And more TV than any household should have to endure. Top it all off with the cherry on top of the Rock Hall of Fame Concert for 4 hours on HBO.

So, Monday. The mother of all Mondays. Cyber Monday for those of you who are closet Black Friday peops. Do you slip right back into the grind? Start pushing that bolder up the hill again? Or do you have a fresh perspective? Do you have a well-rested feeling that makes you feel ready to buckle down and be productive? Or maybe you would be happier with just one more day of slugdom.

Or both.

THAT is what I call a truly Manic Monday.

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3 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. J.

    Ever notice that there an awful lot of songs about Monday — and none of them are cheerful or upbeat?

  2. Maybe I’m nuts (I’ve been told that! ha!) but I LOVE Mondays! It’s the calendar’s way of telling me “Look, you have all these days to do what you need to do. Don’t panic – pace yourself!”

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