Camp Trunks


Photo courtesy of Camp Trucking (some scary photoshop work there, wouldn’t you say?). Let’s hope this little plug helps to get our baggage moved with extra loving care.

Jana: Mom, seriously, you don’t need to nametape my underwear. (translation: hanky panky’s or the Gap knock-offs look equally silly with a nametape in them – keep your mitts off them)

Danny: Just let her do the nametaping. She can’t help herself this time of year. It is what she does. (this kid has always fully understood me)

Jana: Mom! We don’t send our stuff to the camp laundry as counselors. I will bring Danny’s into town and have them do it too. They charge like $8.00 for a week’s worth of laundry. (as an aside here I am thinking of driving my laundry up to the Adrondacks at that price)

Me: Danny, how do I nametape the reversible shorts?

Danny: MOM! Stop. You really have to let go of the nametaping thing. (ok, so maybe his patience is not as great as his understanding of me).

Me: Let’s go toiletry shopping. Remember how we always love to do this every year?

Danny: No, YOU love to do it. But you seem to forget that Jana and I did this without you last year because you had a deadline.

Me: All the more reason to do it all together this year.

I guess he is right. I am kind of pathetic around this time of year.

There are households in my zip code that start packing the trunks weeks before they go out. Us? They go out on Thursday.

We are thinking of doing it tomorrow night.

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8 responses to “Camp Trunks

  1. I’m going to get around to it as some point. Maybe I need to buy some underwear and socks, though. Just a thought. (Do you remember what tween boys do to socks? EWWW)

  2. Ivy Mindlin

    It’s why we understand each other so well. Ours go out on Friday and haven’t even started…but I know for a fact that you’ve done it in less than a day…so, I should be golden. You are my idol…especially when it comes to name tagging. Feel like coming over for a home cooked meal….I have lots of clothes that need to be tagged!!!!

  3. The first time my son went to camp I put each day’s outfit into baggies (as I’d been instructed). Then he and his dad packed the trunk. 2 days later I found all the baggies, still filled with clothes, in the basement. I was so upset. Yet he lived and somehow, remained clothed.

  4. margi

    SO enjoying this post. Some indecorous driver conduct looks like it is occurring… hee..

  5. From the single woman in the group who merely has to worry about emptying the kitty litter box once a week, sounds like you all might need the assistance of a Professional Organizer. Call me, I can help! (I know… shameless plug, but I couldn’t resist.)

  6. Dr Jimmy

    Okay — enough of this! The best by far this year was the t-shirts the kids from Camp Trucking had on. I’m not quite sure why — do you think anyone else would show up in the morning to pick up a bunch of overpacked trunks?

  7. toms

    As one of the kids in the shirts, (stumbled upon this page on a search)I think the idea of something uniform was requested by a camp director, actually. But still, the answer remains the same: I don’t know why.

    But my experience indicates that the appearance of camp security is a foremost concern for many directors.

    And as far as “scary photoshop” is concerned, I was equally unimpressed with the appearance of the shirts. It seems they made some attempt at “something fun for the kids” with the font, but fell short on a blasé grey t-shirt as a conflicted attmept at class. And at a $15 “lost shirt” penalty rate, I was expecting something more “polo” at least. Ah well, first attempt.

  8. oh the joy of social media. gotta love when someone finds a post about their company. nice monitoring. tell your boss to give you a big fat raise, Toms

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