National Penis Day?

I am not sure if it is a coincidence that I have been working on a patient information booklet on male infertility when an email from my college friend, Paula, showed up on my blackberry with these outrageous pics of National Penis Day in Japan. I have proofed more pages about sperm and scrotum in the last week than I care to admit.

I did a little searching and I have not been able to validate the event. There are a few bloggers who have written about it with other names. I don’t really care all that much about the full story, the pictures speak 1,000 words.

Enjoy, my friends. For those viewing this through email subscription on a blackberry (Sue and Maddee specifically), quickly get to the nearest computer as these are shots you do not want to miss.

Picture 1: Do any of you have those neighbors that hang flags outside their houses for every occasion. Bunnies, hearts, santas, flowers? This would be a nice answer to those holiday lovers. The vein work is lovely, don’t you think?


Picture 2: Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Baguette. Doesn’t this one resemble a french bread. I love the way he has a matching headband to the ribbon around the shaft. Oh and is there some sort of symbolism with him holding a ‘box’?

a penis and a box

Picture 3: “Cumming to you live from in front of the big penis with a suspicious looking red sore on the tip. And now, back to you in the studio, Dick.” (sorry that was a couple of cheap shots).

penis day 3

Picture 4: “Honey, make nice to the big penis. Uh, oh, I did not see that sore at first. My wife is going to kill me.”

kid with penis

Picture 5: Just a lovely group of women taking their pet penises out for a stroll.

penis bouquet

Picture 6: I love the face on the guy on the right. This would be the expression of someone lost in a sea of penises. Talk about smoking a bone(r).

penis statues

Picture 7: I REALLY need one of these. This reminds me of a dinner that we went out for years ago. My brother and his friends made the reservation under the name Penisnose. Nothing funnier than hearing the hostess call us when our table was ready, “Um, party for 10 for, um, a, Penis Nose”.


A big heartfelt thanks to Paula for giving me a great post to start the week.

Happy Monday to all.

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22 responses to “National Penis Day?

  1. Liz

    Thanks for the Monday laugh! For whatever reason, sex seems to be permeating the airways…..

  2. jflorin

    I’m a little disappointed that the penis straws didn’t weren’t displayed

  3. J.

    Maybe it’s because it’s spring, aka mating season, but there does seem to be more penises in the air. Those pictures are a hoot. (The spouse particularly liked the picture of the woman with the penis nose.) Wish I had known about them when I put up my penis post on Friday,, I will now add a link to your post there.

  4. Doctor Jimmy

    I would rather see the penis photos you have in your personal collection

  5. Neal Shrier

    Penis Nose…it’s pretty bad when your face is uglier than the penis nose you are wearing! I guess she illustrates the definition of a “dickhead”.

  6. shortathangary

    OK, now you have to do the “everything looks like a vagina” story, and collect the trading cards.

    Here is the beginning of the list. Feel free to add

    Cut open a strawberry.

    A walnut.

    A mussel.

    That one always amazes me .

    There are 101.

    Collect them all.

    Trade them with your friends.

  7. Googled the Japanese Penis Festival. It’s a very, very old custom of celebrating fertility -with the man being #uno- which continues to this day and also brings in western tourists.

    A kiwi.

    A papaya.

    A guava.

  8. Oh, my gawd! I want that flag! My old hag of a neighbor would blow a gasket if I hung that out for Memorial Day!
    Now I know where and when my next vacation will be!
    LOVE THIS!!!

  9. What a great post. I laughed all the way through, at both the photos and your comments.

  10. wilbyone

    This practice dates back to the discovery of the Tagata Shrine (thought to be over 1,500 years old). In the shrine they found an ancient sword and other artifacts. What was interesting was the discovery of several items around the Shrine , some man-made, and some naturally occurring. What was interesting was the fact that these items are of phallus-shape.

    This is the reason why the main attraction during this ceremony is the giant phallus.

    What I was told, is that every year a new phallus is carve from a single cedar tee trunk about 8 feet long. This is done after the tree has gone through a purification ritual. This giant phallus is offered at the Shrine in hopes of having another bountiful and fertile year. An important thing that followers emphasize is that they do not worship the giant “penis” but rather it is their offering to the gods.

    FYI… During the ceremony, visitors and followers rub the phallus and make their wish or wishes.

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  13. jarrodanders

    HAHAHA!!! that chick had a dick nose!!! mwuhahahaha im to childish some times…its my brothers folt he got me doing it lol.

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  16. HAHAHA!!! so funny pictures here

  17. So where can I get one of the little jade giant shlong guy statues?

  18. Lawrence

    so when is vagina day? Make sure to post the pictures of girls and guys licking pussy pops.

  19. Basil

    I see pictures of nude males on national penis day.
    I also see some nude women in these groups.
    I the nudity should only be for people with penis on penis day.
    People without can have fun checking the penis out .

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