The 6:30 Movie

For some reason I thought going to a 6:30 movie on a Saturday night was a good idea. Gary was not thrilled but went along with it.

The upside:

1. You get out early enough to go to dinner.

2. You feel extremely young.

3. Chances are you won’t know anyone there.

The downside:

1. The volume is deafening (this has to be because the projectionist is tired of people asking to have the sound turned up)

2. You have to step over someone who has a cane to get to your seats.

3. At the turning point of the movie you hear the same whisper throughout the theatre. ‘it’s the sister’ echoed from every corner of the place.

No shit, we were introduced to the sister 45 minutes ago!

The movie ended. Gary and I both said ‘It’s the sister’ at the same time and started to laugh. At which point he asked me never to request the 6:30 movie again. Seriously, this was the equivalent of the early bird special.

Crap, could my hair be turning blue?

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6 responses to “The 6:30 Movie

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    Was the movie good?

  2. hysterical. I’m reading a book called EARLY BIRD about a young guy in a retirement community in Florida. I think you’d appreciate it now!

  3. ellen

    If you enjoyed that, try the 5:00 at the Malverne…constant commentary is available throughout the show for your viewing pleasure…at a deafening sound level (you know, the hearing is starting to go…;)

  4. I go to the movies every Wednesday morning at 10am. It’s Senior Day ($4) It’s me & 50 senior citizens. Then they all go to Old Country Buffet for lunch and I get my kids from school.

  5. Liz

    Thanks for the morning laugh Ms. Amy. So, was it the sister?!

  6. Ronni

    I am more about the mini cinema at midnight!

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