Men and Their Meat


American Meat Institute, 1947 

Nice title, right? I am sure I got your attention with that.

Today was Gary’s birthday, and I am a total loser that I did not capitalize on it and do some little heartfelt birthday thing for Time to Cry Tuesday so everyone could send him their good wishes. Please feel free to jump out of the lurking mode and send him a shout out a day late.

For his big day we let him pick the restaurant. This guy, who is the picture of low-fat eating 364 days a year,  jumped out of the box and craved a good old- fashioned, testosterone boosting slab of meat. 

We walked into the steak joint and quickly noticed that my girlfriend and I were amongst maybe 6 women in the entire restaurant. Tuesday night in the land of steak was all men. Table after table of guys chewing the fat, seated around overloaded plates of meat, meat, meat. Kind of an odd scene for me. It almost took on the feeling of some old time movie. 

A primal, back to basics birthday for the man.

Happy birthday Gary, hope you enjoyed your meat!

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11 responses to “Men and Their Meat

  1. Andrew Entwistle

    Happy Birthday Gary. It is not just the steak of course but the chance to build a fire and Grill It! Forget the gas grill, that is a woman’s tool. Men need the classic Weber, lots of charcoal and lighter fluid, lots and lots of lighter fluid (don’t worry, the chemicals burn off in 20 or 30 minutes and singed facial hair grows back in 2 to 3 weeks). Oh and cold beer and 2 or 3 of the boys to stare into the flames with wondering when the coals will turn grey, and occasionally, just occasionally, thinking deep thoughts…about trade deadlines, national championships, and how nice and quiet it is standing by the flames and smoke…even occasionally brings a tear to your eye…the smoke that is…

  2. Happy Birthday Gary!

    Tuesday night and every night! How many women do you know who suggest a steak house? I admit, I like the stuff. Don’t tell anyone, please. In fact, as a child, I really thought there was some chance I could grow up to be a cowgirl. Yes, a Jew from the ‘burbs and I believed it was possible. Go figure.

    I hope the steak and the birthday were well done 🙂

  3. This made me laugh! I’m always interested in a good steak or burger at least one a month. Favorite steakhouse in NY is of course, Peter Lugers – cranky waiters, sawdust on the floor, fillet dripping with fat and old school creamed spinach.

    Happy Birthday Gary!

  4. joyce

    happy birthday Gary!!! the most focused low fat eater i know gets a b-day wish to have his steak and eat it too….(you had to know that was coming)
    hope it was a good one

  5. Riki Potter

    Only for Gary would I leave my lurking mode…Happy Birthday Little Jew


  6. J.

    And speaking of men and their meat… (Don’t worry, it’s G or PG-13.)

  7. Ivy Mindlin

    Vi- Happy Birthday. Being a meat eater myself, it sounded great. I wish I was one of the 6 woman in the place.

  8. Doctor Jimmy

    At first I thought this was another internet Viagra ad—Happy Birthday Gary!!!!!!!!!!! Next you’ll want an egg-white omelet and a bialy in Tennessee

  9. Zaide

    Happy B’day Gary, missed you by phone. Glad to see you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your Bro-in-law is wretching.

  10. Ronni

    Happy Birthday Dude! We love ya, freakatorium?
    Andy Entwhistle? Really?

  11. ellen

    Happy Birthday, Gary…now, how do we explain the Earl Grey Tea? Did you go for a boilermaker with a beer chaser???

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