Obama Rasta Keds and other Post Inauguration Ramblings


What a day! No, what a DAY! 

No matter what your political persuasion, there was no denying the energy that surrounded this inauguration. It was like election night on steroids.

I will refrain from the political recap as I am far from qualified. But I will give you my brand of recap of the day. I will also hold back on commenting about Cheney in a wheelchair except to say I do not buy him doing his own packing. 

Here are my top ten in particular order:

1. This was the first time since those awful post 9/11 days that we felt and witnessed such a sense of patriotism and pride in this country. The difference here is that we feel it as a result of something positive not in reaction to a nightmare. Proud to be an American is a sentiment that has been tested over the past few years. Nice to have it back!

2. Aretha Franklin! I will preface this with saying that she is one of my favorites of all times. But really, who the hell told her that hat was ok? Seriously.

3. One of my favorite twitter comments came during Elizabeth Alexander’s recitation of her poem:  @fraying: Did Maya Angelou turn down the gig or something? 

4. Michelle’s gold suit during the day. Love. Dress at the ball, not so much.

5. Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. Superstatospherestarpower.

6. Sting WITH Stevie Wonder… Brand New Day. Simply amazing.

7. F’in Shakira! Hate her and how dare she butcher a Van Morrison tune?

8. The new whitehouse.gov went up at 12:01 on the dot without a hitch. According to Jason Kottke, the Bush administration set more than 2,400 rules to prevent search engines from indexing certain material on the site. The new Obama site eliminates nearly all of these rules.

9. Great move on the part of the Hempstead, Long Island elementary school that named itself after Obama. For those who do not live in these parts, this district has struggled for many years. Perhaps this will help them get out of the hole.

10. My absolute favorite thing today was finding the Obama Rasta Keds on Zazzle.com in the picture above. 

My hopes? To still feel this way after the first 100 days.

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6 responses to “Obama Rasta Keds and other Post Inauguration Ramblings

  1. Liz

    Awesome post! LOL – Great minds do think alike. Arethra, wheelchair, Shakira…

  2. Wendy

    I liked the hat.

  3. ok, still don’t like the hat but rethinking the ball gown now that I know that it was a 26 year old up and coming designer. love michelle obama and look forward to her making her mark outside of fashion. she is the real deal. great mom, brilliant, classy. she has all the ingredients of a first lady of our times. the grace and style of jackie with the smarts of hilary (not that jackie was not smart). looking forward to following her.

  4. judy

    right on re:shakira…..my son pointed out years ago that she’s anti-semitic…..at least i think that’s her…..anyway–butchering van morrison is enough of a reason to hate her……

  5. I can’t believe you left Brother Lowery’s last paragraph unquoted….lol! It was almost as good (or bad) or ugly or whatever as Aretha’s hat…..you know, good because that woman can sang and good because what Lowery said is true but bad and ugly because that hat…omg…and yellow man, red man, black man, white man….what was he thinking?

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