Childbirth Orgasms and Reborn Dolls


Wow 20/20, I guess you felt the need to get those ratings up on a Friday night! Not unlike my desire to beef up my stats with this post title. 

For those who missed this show you can catch it on the link above. Let’s start with the childbirth orgasms. There is actually a video called Orgasmic Birth. Call me crazy but sharing my childbirth on national TV would have been enough ot an invasion of privacy, but this? What do these people do for a living?  This is kind of one step beyond Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer if you ask me. Oh right, they want to ‘share’ with us so those who were stupid enough to be in excruciating pain so we can wake up and feel the orgasm.

Now I am really pissed, I spent all that time in those stupid Lamaze classes and I could have been learning how to give birth this way instead of having back labor. Gee, I feel so foolish.

Twitter was in an uproar while this was on last night. Funny, we never heard of this before and now there is a documentary and all these people telling us it is not uncommon. 

Here is a quote from an Oby/Gyn friend, “I realize that everyone experiences things differently – where do you think S and M came from?? But if some women start to think of childbirth as feeling great I know there will be women demanding epidurals before sex!!!” 

I know what you are all thinking, ‘she is just jealous’. You bet your ass I am! Then again, raising teenagers makes childbirth look like… well not an orgasm.

Next up, one of my faves. Reborn dolls. I will link you to the post I wrote on this one back in October. I had some pretty wacky comments there and a few emails that made my family urge me to shut down the blog from the weirdos, but hey, I am tough. In short, these are lifelike baby dolls that women tote around and ‘care for’ as if they were real. Yeesh, cuh-ree-py. 

So 20/20 what’s on deck for next week? The Joy of Circumcision?

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6 responses to “Childbirth Orgasms and Reborn Dolls

  1. I didn’t see this but I’m here to tell you, my 18 hours in labor and 3 hours of pushing only to have an emergency c/section…er…nope not like that description at all…..ugh!

  2. Once again, I’m speechless…

  3. I heard about this and somehow, knew you’d write about it! So glad you did! Thanks for not disappointing!

    If childbirth isn’t hard, what do we hold over our kids’ heads? I mean, really, one could never say “I labored for 36 hours after walking to the hospital in a blizzard and this is the thanks I get!”

  4. This gives whole new meaning to the line “I’ll have what she’s having”…

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