What I Learned this Thanksgiving


1. The vintage Chambers stove is way too fickle to cook a turkey correctly.

2. The pop up thermometer is ALWAYS wrong.

3. The overpriced William Sonoma electronic thermometer is ALWAYS right and I never believe it because for some ridiculous reason I want to trust the plastic little pop up one.

4. Two 18 lb. turkeys is too much anyway when you are serving sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, stuffing (carb much?), cranberry sauce, vegie lasagna, salad, squash and string beans. And a sick amount of desserts.

5. The above menu is what happens when a jewish girl and an italian girl make a joint holiday.

6. There is ALWAYS a kid’s table no matter how old the kids are (15-23 in our case)

7. The kid’s table always seems to be having more fun than the adult’s table (note to self: sit at kid’s table next year)

8. If you stare at your daughter who is home from college too much she will start to feel like you are stalking her.

9. A little health scare before the holidays makes you appreciate not wearing a hospital wristband way more than usual.

10. There is nothing better than your husband’s best friend marrying a woman who is the best wife a girl could have. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did.

Now where are those friggin’ sweatpants?

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3 responses to “What I Learned this Thanksgiving

  1. Dr Jimmy

    Loved the paisley psychedelic background behind the turkey—-Was this a pregame to the Dark Star Orchestra Turkey Weekend Fest??

  2. I hope you found your sweatpants. I found mine!
    Those plastic thermometers are so annoying!
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Not sure why you had problems cooking a turkey in your CHAMBERS – we cook 15-25 pounders in them a lot, and they turn out perfect every time!

    Perhaps you’re attempting to use it like an ordinary range, rather than using it the way it was designed. This happens a lot to people who don’t have the Operation Manual.

    When used correctly – according to the instructions – cooking in a Chambers is easy, fretless, and the food turns out perfect every time.

    Visit my website for more information, and join our Discussion Forum to find out more.

    Happy cooking with the gas turned OFF!

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