Aliens on Post-its

Rifling through my desk drawer looking for a post-it I found a pile of yellow ones at the bottom. Hmm… what’s up with this ratty pile of old post-its?

Then I turned them over. And there they were. In all their glory. Pre-school Jana (now a college sophomore) drawings! A dozen of them. The past in my desk drawer. Cool. (Janny, i know you are reading, how excited are you to see these again?) 

Aren’t these a riot? 16-some-odd years ago this was her signature style.  I am thinking that we might need to resurrect it. I love these people. I am pretty sure the Jana sigs on here were done by my nanny. Not my hand writing and thinking if she drew like that she couldn’t write that well.

So what do you think? T-shirt line. Look at these friggin’ faces. We could title them. Bottom right would certainly be WTF.

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3 responses to “Aliens on Post-its

  1. These look like women in mood swings.

  2. I always loved the little kid people-drawings. It’s amazing how they see things -these have such expressive eyes! The top row, third from left – I wonder what THAT was about?! Any major facial injuries in your family that year?

  3. Oh my gosh, you reminded me of the little notebook I found in the nightstand by my bed. Leafing through it, I found notes and scribbles my son had made when he was 9 or 10. Like most writers, I carry small notepads in my purse, and more often than not, they were used to entertain my son while we were in restaurants, waiting for our food to come. Thanks for the sweet reminder!

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