Welcome to Relations

Ok, this could be one of the weirdest shots I have taken all year. Sadly, my camera was not charged and I had to use my phone. But it actually came out pretty good.

Normally I would have posted this on Leaving the Zip Code as it is a perfect example of the mission of that blog, but I could not resist the opportunity to elaborate on this.

At some ungodly hour Bright and early Sunday morning, we took a trip out to Ronkonkoma. Don’t you just love the name of this town? It is in Suffolk County on Long Island, about 50 minutes east of where we live. And why would I do such a thing on a Sunday morning? 

Soccer, of course.

We dropped Danny for warm-up and went in search of breakfast (another post in itself). During our travels in search of hot coffee and a bagel – stat, we made a U-turn in this auto body shop parking lot. 

Yes, the name of the this place is ‘Relations’. Now really, look at the mural painted on the wall of this place. (and this is only a piece of it). I had to get this close up because the look on the faces of these guys was priceless.

Hmmm. What is on their minds?

Are THEY relations? Are they HAVING relations? Are they OUR relations? Do they practice GOOD relations? Could there be some activity of SEXUAL relations going on in their shop?

C’mon. The possibilities here are endless!

Now, one step further down on the mural. Dog? Fox? Rabid hybrid? Rags the mechanical dog (for you Woody Allen fans).

OMG could they be having relations WITH this animal?

Gary was reluctant to stop for this shot but now I am sure he is glad we did.

Would love to get me a Relations t-shirt, how about you?

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6 responses to “Welcome to Relations

  1. Sign me up. Medium please.

  2. I’d like one that says, “I’m having relations.”

  3. Hmm….an auto body shop? Maybe they will only repair your car if you promise you’ll have “relations” with it afterward????


  4. Oh – and I LOVE that photo, BTW! It’s one of the funniest ever! Aren’t you glad that you stopped?


  5. Neal Shrier

    I guess that it all depends on what they are doing with their hands!

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