Don’t worry, I am still alive

Ok, so here is another really cool thing about blogging.

People miss you when you don’t post. You become a regular part of someone’s day and you leave a void when you are gone. I kind of love that!

This morning I received an email from a blog friend making sure I was OK because she did not find a new post from me. How cool is that? AND, when doing a little IM session with my daughter, she asked about it too.

Who said the internet was impersonal?

For reasons I will not disclose here (alright because frankly I drank too much both Saturday and Sunday night celebrating with friends) I did not post yesterday. And also because it is my birthday and I did not want to obnoxiously solicit birthday wishes (yeh, well, decided I would anyway).

For those who are interested… 49. (haha, when I went to type that the first time it came out as 40, Freudian fingers). Really. 49. Not 50 lying about my age, really 49. And proud(ish).

Thanks for missing me, even those of you who did not mention it (or did not miss me and frankly welcomed the break from my insane ramblings).

Uh oh, tomorrow is Time to Cry Tuesday and it is a killer…

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8 responses to “Don’t worry, I am still alive

  1. i’m hitting 47 in Dec. kinda proud, kinda scared shitless. glad you enjoyed your bday weekend.

  2. Glad to see you back at it! 49 years young. You go girl!

  3. So happy birthday to you! I missed you – though I didn’t tell you so I wouldn’t seem needy…. 🙂

  4. thanks my friends. ended the day with a great dinner at a favorite restaurant that had music on a monday night (how cool is that!), great friends and of course a couple of bottles of wine.

    will be spending the next few days at betty ford…

  5. Ry

    Good grief!! I missed your birthday? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday! I’m so glad you had such a great time. That’s fantastic news!

  6. Happy Birthday! I also occassionally suffer from Freudian fingers…

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