Lavatory Services?

A reminder to read me at Mid-Century Modern Moms today. And another shameless plug for Leaving the Zip Code. Trust me, you will really enjoy the pics over there.

Driving this baby just can’t be a good job.

Not sure if you can see, but there are some funky tools on the top of that truck. Could that be a shovel? Is that simply too cliché – to shovel the proverbial shit?

Really, can anyone tell me exactly what these guys do? Pardon my ignorance, but I always thought when you flushed on the plane it just kind of, well you know, got processed in some pneumatic tube kind of thing, was freeze dried and flew out the bottom of the sucker. Does it actually go into some sort of tank that these guys in turn have to… service?

Ok, so I could not resist doing a little research. Here is the yahoo answer in its entirety, but I had to include this excerpt because I could not stop laughing (which since it is Thursday there will be no crying till next week):

While we could not find specific FAA documents on disposal regulations, it’s common knowledge that the so-called “blue ice” or “brown goo” that accumulates within airplanes does drop onto unsuspecting targets from time to time.

Recently, an unlucky resident of Santa Cruz, California, received a special blue ice delivery courtesy of an American Airlines plane right through the skylight of his boat. He took the airline to small claims court and won a modest sum. A Pittsburgh woman’s home was also subject to such a delivery. Other folks describe mysterious biological material that appears splattered around their houses and property.

I absolutely love the use of the word ‘delivery’. How funny is that?

I guess the only response to this is…



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3 responses to “Lavatory Services?

  1. So you spank the _ and get a delivery. Spanx right?!

    Too early, need more coffee. Speaking of spanx, see Blanche’s post this morning; it’s like she was channeling us.

    I’ll wave hi from 39th St.

  2. Ivy Mindlin

    YUCK. (what else can one say)

  3. That is really gross. I’ll have to remember this on days when I’m not loving my job.

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