Baby You Can Drive My Car

Don’t laugh, she can probably drive better than me (those who have driven with me will confirm that).

Mel has a sweet habit of jumping into the driver’s seat to wait for our return. It is pretty funny to watch people when she does this in the convertible. Sometimes I will sit in Starbucks and watch the people point at her as they pass by.

She, like Gary, is a good sport.

I love the graininess, lighting and color in this shot. I shut the flash to capture the moment. And OK – a little photoshop work – but I just screwed around with the levels to bring up the detail. I swear.

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5 responses to “Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. Ry

    Nothing wrong with some photoshop work. Love the shot and love your dog. What a sweetie!

  2. GREAT shot! My Westie used to do EXACTLY the same thing – like he thought I’d forget he was there unless I had to push him out of the way to get back into the driver’s seat myself!



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