Highway to Hell

This photo best illustrates the way it feels to be driving on I-95 on a Friday afternoon in the summer. Not a great idea to leave the NY area at 3:00.

One must do things to amuse oneself when driving in this kind of traffic. Good music is a must. And of course carrying a camera.

This skull was on the back of an 18-wheeler cab. I particularly love his teeth. I asked Gary to slow down – from 10mph to 5! – in order to get this shot.

The trucker looked rather proud as we passed.

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Filed under humor, photography

6 responses to “Highway to Hell

  1. Ry

    That’s awesome! Love the grin. I think I need one, but where will I put it? On my office chair maybe? Then I can take it out for a spin, wouldn’t that be interesting. Maybe I need to step away from the computer.

  2. i know it is really cool. there were actually two of them on the back of the cab. i am sure he went to some specialized pimp my rig kind of place to get them.

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    Actually that smiles reminds me of someone…I just can’t place it. The next long road trip I have I’m taking you…you are so much fun. On the way back…if you get really bored play the “Who would you rather sleep with game.”

    Have a good trip

  4. That’s hilarious. I love taking pictures in the car.

  5. That is awesome. I too have a whole collection of weird cars i made Victor almost crash into to photograph.

    Worth it.

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