Dog in Street…

While we are on the subject of pets, here are a couple of real life stories about my sweet pup, Mel. For those who have noticed she is the dog with glasses on my avatar.

She is a white lab, definitely part rabbit and as sweet as can be. But she does suffer from the occasional bout of wanderlust (maybe she needs to be medicated).

The note above is an actual UPS post-it that I found on my front door few months ago. Having worked at home for many years, the UPS and Fed Ex guys know me pretty well. And they know my dog even better as she has a habit of running onto their trucks when they deliver here. Apparently she had gotten out of the back gate without my knowledge, the UPS guy found her and put her in the back, leaving me the note.

I have written this particular post today for my dear friend Joanne. You all know her, the one who does not know what spanx are. Joanne and I watch eachother’s dogs when we go away. They are like two old ladies together and they are very much at home in eachother’s houses.

This past weekend while we were whooping it up in Montauk, Mel was swimming in the pool at Joanne’s and getting the good dog food (the stuff in the can that I won’t feed her). Still not quite sure why she would want to wander from that Shangri-la, but you know how dogs can be.

Joanne called to tell me that she was in her house when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to find the husband of another one of the First Thursday Girls with Mel in the front seat of his car. Apparently he was driving down the road and found her out for a stroll. As he said, good thing as that would be a pretty tough phone call to make…

“uh, well, like your dog is dead.” kind of a relationship killer, don’t you think?

i told her not to worry as the last time her dog was here she took off and I had four 15 year old boys running around the neighborhood in fear of that same dreaded phone call.

my husband’s response? if you kill my dog I am taking yours! (very adult)


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4 responses to “Dog in Street…

  1. Neal Shrier

    Now I’m wondering how many times the UPS or Fedex driver brought your kids home and left you a note that they are in the backyard?

  2. Ivy Mindlin

    We all wonder that Neal. I watch my brother’s dog all the time. He actually came over to pick him up and after one beer said thanks and left. I had to call his phone and say “Did you forget something?” and he wasn’t even sure what I was talking about?

    Hello…your dog? Anyone know the equivalent for DYFS in NJ?

  3. Ell

    OK..well, my Lab can hear the Fedex and UPS truck from 2 miles away! Here, in the country, they offer TREATS!

  4. Linda Fitzpatrick

    My dog, Molly, is a lunatic when UPS, FedEx, DHL, the mail truck comes through the neighborhood. She barks at them, she jumps up at the fence and runs back and forth until she can’t hear their vehicle any more. Her hearing is so good, we can be in the house with the door closed, window air conditioner running and I will know one of those vehicles are in our area. Our mailbox use to be right at our gate. Our mail lady who is afraid of dogs, refused to deliver the mail unless we moved the mailbox to the curb.

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