Top Ten Most Stressful Days in Your Life

Ok, here is a challenge. Take a moment and think of the top 10 most stressful days in your life. (I am pretty sure I am just coming off one of them). Perhaps even write them down. (come on, don’t be a baby, do it!)

Take a good hard look at those acute times when you were pretty sure the top of your head was going to blow off. You know the ones, where you are not sure which will help you more, large quantities of chocolate or alcohol.

Or both.

Now look at that list, remember (in detail) how those days felt. Your day is looking better already, right?

The photo above actually hangs over my (ancient) Chambers stove (circa 1939). My mom bought me this a while back and we could laugh about it but we don’t have time. Most days, anyway.

Here’s the thing about stress. Sometimes it is just the day to day stuff that starts you going. Until you get that wham, bang, smack in the back of the head big stuff that makes you realize how ridiculous the daily stuff is. Until, of course, it is quiet for awhile.

My point (2 glasses of wine ramble, can you tell?). Well, my point is that life can really be hard. So when it is not, STOP BITCHING and smell whatever it is that you like to smell and have as much fun as you possibly can because you friggin’ deserve it.

As my dear friend Dave says, everybody gets their turn. And when your turn is over, take a deep breath and have a blast.

Comments please. Maybe a most stressful day contest? (I prefer to lose this one, myself).

Now, pass the wine please!

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3 responses to “Top Ten Most Stressful Days in Your Life

  1. Paula

    “when you’re going through hell, keep going”

  2. LWagz

    “Life takes a lot of courage, often more than we think we’ve got, and almost always more than we think we should have to find.”

  3. BOB

    compete w this, i have five ap tests this week

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