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Time to Cry Tuesday – 1.3.11=0 to 60

If you were as lucky as I,  you were able to take it easy for the past couple of weeks. I was not officially on vacation, but I did take advantage of both the holidays and Snowmageddon ’10 to slow it all down and lose the frenzied pace.

My kids were home, there were many friends to celebrate with and we saw a bunch of movies and simply just hung around. We started a jigsaw puzzle, I became obsessed with Scrabble and Words With Friends apps (both of which I royally suck at and don’t care) and I even did a little office cleaning and organizing.

It was lovely.

And then I got hit with the ton of all bricks Monday. It was if the business world awoke from its hibernation and was mighty hungry. Somewhere around 3:00 I had a mad craving to finish the top left corner of that puzzle and new I could not leave my desk. (so sad)

Hard to switch gears.

But there is something nice about getting back into the routine and being what you are. Certainly not as nice as a bloody mary at 11 am, but still – it has its merits.

How did you guys do on your first day back?



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