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Stuff I Like (vol. 1 iGo Green Charger)

Ok, I don’t usually do this but since I called this post vol. 1 there is a good chance I may do it again. Or it might end at volume 1 and that will be it. I have never done product reviews and something tells me you guys don’t come here to talk about stuff you probably don’t need or want to buy.

But I am pretty sure everyone I know might want one of these. The iGo green charger rocks my geeky world.

Full disclosure, I got this in a swag bag at a great blogger brand event today, so no I did not buy it. But I will buy them for Gary and the kids so I will never have to hear those dreaded words when traveling again:

Damn, I forgot to charge my phone! (and then the temper tantrum that follows)

The cool thing about this charger is that when you plug it in to charge your phone it also charges an internal battery. You unplug it, take it with you and you can charge your phone later on without an outlet. Yes, that’s right, no running around searching for ‘juice’, kiddies. And that’s not all, it has 2 ports to charge more than one device at a time, has all sorts of changeable heads for different devices AND doesn’t just charge phones. You can charge your camera, GPS and bluetooth with this sucker.

Seriously, I love this. And the green factor is a nice touch. iGo has a whole line of chargers that are worth looking at.

A big thanks to Silicon Valley Moms Group (I write at 50-something moms blog in case you are blind and don’t see the bold following line at the end of all my posts), Bitdefender and their new Bitmoms community, and all the other brands who attended for a fabulous brand/blogger event. I learned so much from both the brands and the bloggers. And of course thank you to iGo for the charger.

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