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Time to Cry Tuesday – Start to Finish


Ahhhhh! The short race. This is something I can understand. Start here. Finish here. Not a whole hell of a lot of trouble in between. I wish I had been around to see the neighborhood kids racing here.


What could be better.

This made me think of my work. Sometimes it is a short race, wham bam, super rush, in and out in days sort of thing. Sometimes it is the I have given birth faster than finishing this project kind of situation.

I am not sure which I prefer. There is something lovely about working your ass off in a condensed period of time and surprising yourself with how much you can get done in so little time. On the other hand, it is not so terrible to have the time to review and finesse… or obsess, as the case may be.

Seems I never get the happy medium projects.

I suppose I am just a woman of extremes…

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