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Election Day is Not for the Faint of Heart (vol 2)

Chickens! All of you. I know there are plenty of you lurking out there who wanted to comment on the guest rant but were scared away. Ha! So much for ‘the conversation’.

I Could Cry election update: 

1. I voted and not gonna lie, cried a little as I left (because after all it is Tuesday)


2. First report in from Jana; Univ. of Wisc. is going wild with Obama frenzy. Sidewalks are ‘chalked’ pro Obama, there are campaign trucks around and the atmosphere sounds so college campus electric that I am very jealous indeed.

3. My college thread is taking a poll on the final electoral vote count, anyone want to throw in some numbers?

4. I must have been the only one on earth who did not realize that Starbucks was giving free coffee to voters and I actually paid. (and was thrilled that the latte was more than I paid for a gallon of gas)

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