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Time to Cry Tuesday – Sobering

I am not sure if it is really necessary to say anything else, but I feel like this needs a small amount of thought provoking commentary.

I saw this when I left the supermarket the other day. I was rushing, as usual, putting the groceries in my car and I just stopped and stared …

because I was supposed to.

I felt the need to silently pay my respects to the husband who lost his life and the wife who was brave enough to do something about the tragedy that befell her family.

This ‘statistic’ was now a person. She could have been any one of the women that I had just shopped alongside in the aisles of that market. She goes about her day and does what needs to be done, but there for all to see she makes here daily statement. And maybe, just maybe, someone who sees this car just might think twice the next time they think ‘they are fine to drive’.

When you think about it, most drunk drivers are not doing so intentionally. How many people get behind the wheel of a car after drinking that think they are just fine/only a few miles from home/not a ‘drunk driver’? Many of them are regular people who are simply guilty of bad judgement.

Until someone dies. And then everything changes for everyone.

All I ask is that the next time you think you are ‘fine to drive’, think about this woman.

And call a cab.



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