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Time to Cry Tuesday – Transition


Miriam Webster defines transition as 1 a : passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change b : a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

As parents, we define transitions as those pivotal moments that define us.

I have never transitioned particularly well when it comes to my kids. The year my daughter “graduated” from the 4s class I told that to the pre-school director in passing. To my surprise she quoted me moments later when making her speech. It seems that sentiment hit the nail on the head for her.

It is so bittersweet to watch our kids move on to the next level. They usually float from transition to transition with much less apprehension than we have. Perhaps it is part of our desire to protect them. Or maybe we are just trying to hang on just a little bit longer to the previous stage we have become so attached to.

Funny thing about parenting, the better we get at it the more independent our kids become. In some ways, we facilitate our own obsolescence. Isn’t that the natural order?

It is that time of year folks. Back to school no longer means a new box of crayons and color-coded binders and folders. (what? all families don’t do that?). This year, in my house, back to school means college applications for my youngest and back to college for my oldest. Not to mention that 7 of my close girlfriends are sending off 7 daughters and a son in the next few weeks.

This is the mother of all back to schools!

So here I am, right before it all starts. And yesterday my son’s oldest buddy drove up to the house hours after he arrived home from camp. There he was, sitting behind the wheel of a car, and all I kept thinking was how can this be that adorable little boy I have known since he was born? How can he be over 6′ tall and driving a car? And then with the sweet demeanor of that same little boy inside him he said, “Oh, Amy, come here. I keep forgetting to show this to you. For some reason I have been carrying this around in my wallet.” And out he pulled the baseball card above of that 40 lb. 3’8″ little blonde boy. Danny at 6 1/2!

Thanks Robbie, for bringing back that time and reminding me that no matter how many transitions we experience, the foundation we have built will always keep us all close.

Let the games begin.

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