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Time to Cry Tuesday – Art Supplies

What soothes your soul? Where can you go to feel like the you that you have always been? A place where you walk through the door and suddenly everything feels right?

For me, it is an art supply store. I spend countless hours on a keyboard and although I am a technojunkie, I miss the materials. I can’t help it, there is something about the tactile part of creativity that has gotten lost in all the digital stuff I do and I crave a good old fashion art supply now and then.

There is something about walking down those aisles that feels so good. The smell of the colored pencils, the way the gold flake looks in those little packages, the decorative papers… oh G-d I simply love the decorative papers. And then all those solvents and brushes, the clays and… well you get what I mean.

For some reason when I walk through the doors of a real art supply store – not one of those chain craft stores – but a real old-fashioned art supply store, I feel so at peace. All of the sudden I am a high school art student with a list of supplies in my hand and a semester of stuff to make exploding out of my head.

Sadly these stores are becoming more and more scarce. The giant Pearl Paint that was the art store of my childhood closed recently, leaving me with no replacement near the zip code. Until last week when Blick Art Supply opened in Carle Place.

And there I was on Sunday, strolling the aisles and feeling like me all over again. What could be better than that?


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