This is 29

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I’ve been writing these birthday posts for an awfully long time. This one is extra special as you are now the age I was when I became pregnant with you. No, this is not a hint. I am fully aware you are not even prepared to have a fish. And that is just fine with me. I am OK with you keeping your eye on your own yoga mat.

This has been quite a year for you. Getting married… in between four Nor’easters! Your grandmother would have said that was good luck. (Then again, she told your dad that when a bird pooped on him 2 days before our wedding). All those snowstorms were nothing compared to everything that we have navigated surrounding your wedding. But with all the life challenges we faced, you stood in the center of the hurricane and kept your cool.  Your grace and joy in the process was contagious.

I sit back on the other side of this year and think, sure the wedding was a blast. And it was everything you wanted it to be. But it was the moments planning it together that truly mattered. I got to watch how you move in the world. How you conduct yourself. How people both respect you and want to be around you. You make all those that love you the best version of themselves.

Me included. Big time. We have begun the shift of parenting where you teach me. And remind me what is most important in life (not to mention how you rock a google doc and always make the dinner reservations).

There are pivotal moments for a mom where she has to learn to let go, but still strike the balance of holding on for dear life. I thank you for being just the right amount of independent while still having the humility to ask for guidance.

I love us, Petunes. More than I can ever say. Thanks for being the daughter I know I can count on no matter what.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! May this year be as spectacular as the last.


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8 responses to “This is 29

  1. Jerry & Susanne Zimmerman

    First, Happy Birthday Jana, secondly,I want Amy to know as usual & not unexpected, you are a phenomenal person as well as a parent. Not any different than your mom.
    This was a beautiful tale of two wonderful people. We love you both, and wish only the best for all of your family (new additions included , of course.
    God Bless you.
    Much Love,
    Aunt Susanne & Uncle Jerry

  2. Kate

    love you levinsons ❤

  3. I needed a good cry and your words gave me one. Thank you. Much love and respect, Renee

    Rabbi Renee Edelman Temple Sha’arey Shalom 78 South Springfield Ave Springfield New Jersey 07078

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  4. Katie

    LOVE THIS! And also want you to know that I think this is the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen of Jana. Her smile is radiant! xox

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