(Time) to Cry Tuesday

This week Time to Cry Tuesday is about… Time.

Funny, when I started this blog I had so little time; kids, husband, work, volunteering, friends, family… yadayadayada. I look back at the About Me page and realize it is way past time that I update it.

So, now the kids are in college and there should be all sorts of extra time…


As I write this it is midnight I am still sitting at my desk and I have not showered from walking this morning. I did not go out till 7PM to run errands and that was only because we were out of meds for the dog, the husband and I. (sadly, probably in that order). Dinner was cooked and eaten at our usual 8PM, the laundry is still not folded and I am pretty sure the spring ants are going to take over the house, lift up the dog and march her right out of the kitchen if I don’t get the exterminator back here.

So… time!

Our expectations that life would get easier and time would be more plentiful at this stage went out with the funky economy and the the fact that we are simply thankful to have the work… even if we don’t get to shower before midnight. The key is to find the time, even if it is a few moments a day, to do at least one thing that you love, that’s for you, that makes you feel like you so that you don’t get lost in all that time chasing. For me it is the morning walk with the dog. No matter how busy I am that has to happen.

And if you are lucky, on Tuesday you have time to cry about it all little… and then move on. After all, you don’t want to be late.



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One response to “(Time) to Cry Tuesday

  1. margi

    What a COOL PIC!
    ..do at least one thing that you love..that makes you feel like you… YEP. I mean yes. Indeed! Thanks for the reminder. Coffee/dog walk/yoga. Every damn morning. Otherwise, the whole day is off-kilter, saggy, less productive.

    This is such a great existential topic! Our 10 year old wants to drop out of some great extracurricular things so he has “time” for himself. Ah, reality check buster. He’s an ‘only’ with a LOT of solo time in society’s standards. Told him he can be a groupee and a joiner a little too, with groups that bring joy into the world. He is so not dropping the MN boychoir. (Sorry for rant; love the topic!)

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