Cuomo Hunts Down Panhandling Fake Nun


The title of this post was the headline that was on the TV at the bagel store when I went to get my coffee this morning. Mind you, no one should read something like this before their coffee. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

Dear Lord – no pun intended – what next?

A few months back we learned of a Great Neck Long Island family raising money for a fake cancer charity. Now we have a woman posing as a nun raising money for a non existent orphanage. People, what the hell is going on here?!

Seems Mr. Cuoumo needs an entire department in his office dedicated to the sub-specialty of scum of the earth.

Seriously folks, how much of a sleaze must you be to ‘raise’ money this way? Don’t you wonder how these types sleep at night?

Any suggestions on punishments that fit the crime?

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8 responses to “Cuomo Hunts Down Panhandling Fake Nun

  1. Gail Grossman

    Meanwhile this woman has been pan handling by Wall Street for almost Steve’s entire career down there! He and his friends often joke around that she is the biggest fake going! Good to someone finally caught on!

  2. Fake cancer charities? Fake orphanages?

    Reopen Alcatraz and put them all on it. Drop food once a week.

  3. Ellen

    Sure this isn’t a man posing as a woman posing as a nun?

  4. lon

    I think this is the lead singer of the Turtles

  5. floandeddy

    I like lon. that is definitely the turtle man,
    we ARE on the eve of destruction…


    and big fuckin deal. a bum shaking people down for loose change as a nun. and shakin down wall street guys who are paying to save their souls . It is all perfect. Its called justice . hahahahahah

    what idiots , they give their money to madoff, get ripped off after years of taking priviledge themselves, and now a nun
    hustler, hahahahahah…. Hey , I am not without feeling for the poor folks who got hustled … but , cant buy your way into heaven

    “hey can you believe thats not a nun?” fuck her! I hope we sold her some of those great mortgage backed securities…..hahahahaah

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