Equal time for my boy

Seems that this is a monumental week in our household. As Jana is packing to leave for her semester abroad, young Daniel made the big announcement at dinner tonight. Friends, it would appear I will spend the next four years continuing to book flights from the midwest and cheering on the Badgers.

Danny boy is going to Wisconsin in the fall.

The upside for me is no learning curve. I already know the ropes and maybe after 7 years I will finally have enough points on Midwest for a free flight.

UW Madison will continue to be the single largest holder of our family’s income for a little while longer.

Congrats to my boy and may you enjoy the rest of your senior year knowing where you will be in the fall.

Now about that empty nest…

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6 responses to “Equal time for my boy

  1. Liz

    YAY! Another alum in training! Welcome to an esteemed group of peeps Danny!

  2. It’s not Tuesday! Danny gave Tulane a good college try but the Baco-Wisco force is beyond control. He will love it. Big week for your fam:)

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    Wah, this time Wednesday! Another tear. I’m so proud of you Danny, You were such an amazing adult on how you handled this. You really did it all on your own. Congrats. I know you’ll have a great time as a badger.

  4. Doctor Jimmy

    The boy obviously has good taste..maybe you can send Gary there too and sublet your house…there are tons of tennis courts…Congrats from Wisco ’74…..

  5. jflorin

    Good luck, Danny Boy!! We’re very proud of you.

  6. Aw, congrats to your son!
    Nice job, mom…

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