No More Cover Bands

Ok, I don’t usually do this but I am making a New Year’s resolution. This one is for  you Dr. Jimmy.

I, Amy Z, commit to avoid cover bands in 2010. What brought this on? Tonight we ventured out in frigid temps to see a Grateful Dead cover band that we usually like. After paying the $10 cover (this was a real high end joint) we realized there was no heat. That left the crowd all wearing their coats. Not a good thing on suburban Long Island. Here is a list of things that are not ok, and tipped me over the edge to vow to see only original music in the foreseeable future:

1. Fur coats are completely unacceptable at a Grateful Dead cover band show.

2. Doubly not ok is a fur motorcycle jacket (what the hell!)

3. When 75% of the crowd has chemically straightened hair you are in trouble (and that could have been the guys).

4. Yentas and Grateful Dead music do not mix (oh, no, i hate when they play shugah magnoyah).

5. A man in his late 40’s should never under any circumstances play air guitar in front of other people.

AND, most unbearable

6. Listening to a cover band playing The Who, The Beatles and Warren Zevon in the Grateful Dead style is almost like having root canal. (of course not a root canal with Dr. Jimmy because he gives headphones, novacaine and nitrous)

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9 responses to “No More Cover Bands

  1. I don’t do covers. Never have, never will. Good choice Amy!

  2. Oh, methinks we’re getting old….*sigh*

    • that is kind of the point. we are a real music family and we see a lot of original new stuff. i think it is time for me to hang up the geezers playing the old stuff, unless of course it is the original geezers once in a while.

      all i can think of is those oldies bands when I was younger…

  3. Dr Jimmy

    Thanks for the endorsement…and, yes, ain’t nothing like the Real Thing, baby……..

  4. woodbutcher

    Not to worry bob and phil will be back east in a few more weeks as for shows in the NYC area we have for years advocated putting up raod blocks to keep the more obnoxiuos fans from jersey and nyc from attending upstate shows .As much I miss the fat man and tour i must say having not heard a nyc or jersey accented fan screaming JERRREEE 4-5 times in the middle of a nice quiet solo has made life much better at the few shows i am able to attend these days and it certainly makes the recordings of the shows much more enjoyable ..Heres to a happy winter tour every one …

  5. jn

    Fur is always completely unacceptable. If I wanted to look at roadkill I’d take a drive in the country.

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