A New York State of Hannukah

This week I had a little tantrum about the insensitivity of the Rite Aid chain in not selling Hannukah wrapping paper in a town with 4 synagogues. (by the way, to date not a soul from Rite Aid has contacted me so either they have no social media prescense, foolish, or they hate me.) I have also voiced my opinion about the ridiculous holiday focused CBS Cares PSAs for pap smears and prostate cancer screenings.

This same week, my dear sweet friend sent a similar email rant about a food store in town that did not sell Hannukah candles. To add insult to injury the guy in the store sent her down an aisle where she found, not Hannukah candles, but Yarzheit ones. (um, bud, we use them when people have died, Hannukah, not so much). Then my friend Jessica Gottlieb went on a rant about Disney and it’s of sensitivity to Jewish Holidays.

These sort of things come up every year. The stores and municipalities bombard us with Christmas decorations, music, lights and those annoying as hell Santas ringing the bells on every corner. The other night the one in front of Lord and Taylor in Garden City was talking on the cell phone when I went in the store, and still yapping when I came out. Ho. Ho. Ho. But Hannukah, even in areas with a large concentration of members of the tribe, is often overlooked.

Tonight, I would like not to bitch, but to thank the city of NY for lighting the beloved Empire State Building in blue and white. Hey, after the tie-dye Grateful Dead lights it seems only fair. And another shout out to Senator Orin Hatch, a mormon, who has gotten some decent press about his writing of Hannukah songs. Way to be interfaith, Mr. Hatch.

So for this first night of Hannukah, I wish you all a happy festival of lights. And the hope that next year Rite Aid and the food market will wise up and stock some holiday supplies for us all.

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One response to “A New York State of Hannukah

  1. My friend was just lamenting to me yesterday about the fact that Target has very few Hannukah decorations. We happen to live in an area of central New York with a large number of Jewish families, so I feel her frustration. You would think that major stores, such as Target, might stock according to their demographic.

    Off topic, but it’s kinda like how Target begins stocking bikinis in January, even though our winters last until May or June.

    PS – the CBS commercials are ICK.

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