Putting the Fun in Funfetti


Around these parts Funfetti cupcakes are the bomb. Pillsbury makes this mix with cool colored morsels in the cake mix and frosting. For as long as I can remember, my kids’ friends have been obsessed with Funfetti.

The week that my son came home from camp I made sure to make a batch when the boys came over. By some miracle there were still a few left over, so I left them in a container on the counter.

I arrived home the other day and noticed a piece of green note paper in with the cupcakes. The picture above is what I found. Similar to the famous initialed banana in my fruit bowl, these boys have a way of letting me know they were here.

There are times when 17-year-old boys can all but break your heart. This is one of them. Just when you thought that perhaps you were invisible, they make you realize that you are anything but.

I texted my son to tell Mark that I loved him too, and to let him know that these cupcakes were probably better 2 weeks ago when I baked them. (hopefully I did not poison the poor kid).

Thank you Mark C, for the sweet reminder that the little things do not go unnoticed.

(now, Pillsbury, let’s see how good your social media monitoring is)

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8 responses to “Putting the Fun in Funfetti

  1. Liz

    I love this! But why are they still in the pain two weeks later?!

  2. hat would go along with my refrigerator cleaning, I am a little lax.

    conversation with Jana:
    Jana: how do I know when stuff in the fridge has gone bad
    Me: it either has fur on it or it turns green.

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    This should of been a Time to Cry Tuesday.

  4. This is the sweetest post; I know just what you mean. My 21 year old son’s friends know I will have poptarts and jello here waiting for them when they stop in, and they’re always so appreciative; I fall for it every time.
    Funfetti is always a big hit here too.

  5. I made cookies today for my 14 yo to have when he got home from his very first day of high school. He got so excited and said, “Wow thank you Mom!” with so much enthusiasm. I was shocked. I’ve made cookies on the first day of school every single year since he began preschool … and it was his most enthusiastic, grateful response yet. Sometimes teens take me by surprise …

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