‘i could cry but i don’t have time’ turns 200!!!!


200? Gee, she really doesn’t look a day over 170. Must be the botox

THIS is my 200th post! How bicentennial. How anticlimactic. It falls on the Monday between Christmas and New Year’s when we are all in this food induced coma. A Twitter friend said the other day that she was one shower short of being classified as a bag lady. So, there are others staying in pajamas till 3 or 4 in the afternoon? That is comforting. I think.

I am usually the multi-tasking lunatic who lives to get things accomplished and cross them off her list. Ah, over-achievers are over-rated!

Now I have become addicted to Brickbreaker on my Blackberry which, by the way, I did not even know I had until my son pointed it out to me. Now a great achievement for me is to beat my highest score, which I do not think is all that impressive but I don’t know any better so don’t burst my bubble (Jana this means you because I know you have to be way better at this than I am).

Funny thing is that I have not even taken the time off this season. Just so happens that a few jobs have come up that have caused me to have to work through part of the weekend. Even having accomplished that I still feel like a slug. (could be the sweatpants).

So my 100th post was all philosophical and take the world by the balls and my 200th is kind of like the honeymoon’s over and it is cool to blog in my ‘jamas and talk about nothing. Oh right, I talk about nothing most of the time. But entertaining nothing.

Whatever, all birthdays are not created equal. Or is that animals? I am leaning towards some Orwellian thoughts here… or lunacy. How can I tell the difference? (hey, check out that Orwell link, did you know his birth name was Eric Arthur Blair?!)

I digress. Or perhaps this whole post is one long digression. Are you still with me here?

No worries, tomorrow will be Time to Cry Tuesday followed by a monthly fave on Wednesday, the search terms wrap up.

You know, 200 is not so bad. I mean really, what’s the alternative? ; )

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For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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3 responses to “‘i could cry but i don’t have time’ turns 200!!!!

  1. Hey Hon. I’ve got a 500 in Brickbreaker (I too, discovered the game recently!)

    Oh, Happy 200th! Looking forward to the many more!


  2. I finally took a shower. I didn’t want people recoiling in horror and my own dogs were starting to look at me like I was a stranger.

    Congrats on the 200th post!

  3. Steve

    i don;t typically shower until the 200th day. Gives a certain panache to being a clown. anyways – i enjoy the humor you provide here and elsewhere in the ‘cloud’. Your subtle insights are refreshing.

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