Time to Cry Tuesday – the reasons why Gary had kids

I first saw this questionaire on Yellow Jeep Blonde. Her sons did such a great job with it that I had to force ask my kids to do it too. It is a little long but a fast read. Last week I posted their answers for me. This week I am posting their answers for their dad, Gary. Wait, that sounded like we are divorced. Although he might like the idea of getting rid of me at least once or twice a week, as far as I know we are still happily married.                 

For those who are new here, Jana is our 19-year-old, and Danny is our 16-year-old. Again, I urge anyone with kids to try this out. As the title of this post states, it reminded us why we had these kids in the first place; to grow up to be two of our most favorite people on earth!


What is something I always say to you?
Jana: Do you want sushi for dinner? (that would be the night he ‘cooks’)
Danny: Schmohawk (a famous word passed down through the generations)
What makes me happy?
Jana: Winning in tennis 
Danny: Tennis (both answers a no brainer)
What makes me sad?
Jana: Losing in tennis
Danny: Work 
How do I make you laugh?
Jana: There are too many ways to write them all down (aw, sweet)
Danny: The toddler dance (this is absolutely so hysterical I must convince him to do a video, perhaps some coaxing in the comments could make this happen)
What was I like as a child?
Jana: Hippieee
Danny: Jew fro (again, with a little comment coaxing, maybe a picture will be in your future)
How old am I?
Jana: 52
Danny: 50 something
What’s my favorite thing to do?
Jana: Lie on the couch and watch TV with me (sweet)
Danny: Feed mel food off the table, so that mel loves you more and to piss mom off (funny and true)
What do I do when you’re not around?
Jana: Yeah, what do you do? 
Danny: sing charaoke (once again, video anyone? give us some comment love)
If I became famous, what would it be for?
Jana: Something involving music. Radio DJ possibly? (he would love nothing better)
Danny: Most amount of cd’s obtained by a human (creative)
What am I really good at doing?
Jana: Making me laugh (true, he is funny)
Danny: PIssing mom off (ouch, ok so maybe I do get annoyed at times…)
What am I not very good at doing?
Jana: Sitting in the car without saying anything while I’m driving
Danny: remembering/hearing things
What is my job?
Jana: Printer (kind of?)
Danny: printer
What’s my favorite food?
Jana: Everything… and to eat too much of it and complain about how full you are at the end of the meal
Danny: You eat everything (consistent)
What makes you proud of me?
Jana: That I have the Dad that everyone loves (true, true, true. i believe they say he is ‘chill’)
Danny: Your sense of humor 
If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
Jana: Bugs Bunny 
Danny: Daffy Duck (hmmm, double looney tunes. interesting says the woman called kermit the frog and lois from family guy)
What do you and I do together?
Jana: Listen to music… Let’s go to more concerts together, k? (suck up!)
Danny: Watch sports and movies (lots of couch time in this house!)
How are we the same?
Jana: We both have a good sense of humor and love music/tv
Danny: Sociable (for sure!)
How do you know I love you?
Jana: Because you tell me everyday. (yes he does)
Danny:  Because everyday when I am so tired I can barely speak you tell me so when I get out of the car

Yeh, that last one made me cry too.

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6 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – the reasons why Gary had kids

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    Gary, I know the jew fro, I probably even have a picture, however, please please please video the toddler dance.
    Come on, the heading “is reasons why Gary has kids”. We have always taught our kids to share

  2. How sweet! What a fun exercise.

  3. How sweet! What a fun exercise.

  4. dcamurray

    Hey! It’s me over at YellowJeepBlonde!!! I SO love this survey!!! I adore your kids’ answers. And I like how you did it for both parents. Their answers reflects what great parents ya’ll are. Truly.

    But I AM curious about this “toddler dance”. Sounds pretty interesting. **said in very curious voice**

  5. Boy, you and I were on the same wavelength this week! I’ll add your questions to the Dr. Brook’s exercise and I will have truly been “parentally psychoanalyzed”!! Great questions!

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