Treatment or PR Stunt

Just read this one: David Duchovny in sex addiction treatment.

Being a huge fan of Californication and Duchovny I would like to put it out there. Do you think this is a PR stunt or real treatment?


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6 responses to “Treatment or PR Stunt

  1. Considering Duchovny is listed as Executive Producer of the show…there might be some truth to it. But ya never know in Hollywood…

  2. Liz

    Nah. The guy has long been dogged as a sex addict. It’s the real deal.

  3. Katie

    I’m not really sure…let me go check Star magazine…they always tell the truth.

  4. Who knows, but I volunteer to help him with his treatment

  5. ahhh! I heard about that. haha. Stars are always entering different treatment places for random things now-a-days. I think I remember hearing something about him doing some softcore porn or something. hahaha. He most likely is a the real deal though and not just trying to get attention.

  6. Ry

    I died when I heard this. Hilarious….now if only I could help him out with his treatment!!

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