Time to Cry Tuesday

(don’t worry, tomorrow I will be funny again and tell you all about the lunatics at UPS and the 21lb box of missing shoes)

I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things


There are days when I wonder how I would be able to go on without the people in my life that ground me. Those who are there… no matter what. And I try my best to be there for them.

The stars must  be aligned in a funky way, as quite a few special people in my life are going through some very trying times.

Lately I have heard a lot of sadness and worry.

And of course waking up at 4AM to drive to Milwaukee and fly away from my sweet daughter only added to the melancholy feeling of the day. 

But as luck would have it, there always seems to be some cosmic intervention that makes me sit up and take notice.

To listen.

This morning, as I drove into the most magnificent sunrise (note picture taken from the steering wheel at 70mph), Sirius radio gave me a wonderful gift. They played a favorite old Kinks song, Better Things.

To those who are suffering the tough times, those who are just feeling a little sad about their kids growing up and their lives changing, and even those who just need to look towards the future, here are my fave lines from this song:

Here’s hoping all the days ahead 
Won’t be as bitter as the ones behind you. 
Be an optimist instead, 
And somehow happiness will find you. 
Forget what happened yesterday, 
I know that better things are on the way…

Accept your life and what it brings. 
I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things. 

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12 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday

  1. Ry

    Wow, this is so so so wonderful. It’s amazing how clear the universe can be sometimes. I really do prefer it over it’s usual hinting around. 😀

  2. Wow-look at that sun just breaking through those clouds. Beautiful. And love that you found what you needed when you needed it, and that it was this…and not Howard Stern talking about some chick’s breasts. Ah Life is Good.

  3. Liz

    Lovely post Amy. Hope that your day is as special as you. Ahhh. No, I mean it!

    Things tend to occur in cycles. Let’s hope that better days are ahead.

  4. This is a post I can identify with – those musical gifts. They help enormously, don’t they?

    GREAT song…

    Things WILL be better soon.


  5. joyce

    i thought i was done crying… good song lyrics, maybe we will use it Adams Bar Mitzvah supplement…hmmmmm.

    From where i stand, things can only get better, lives can only move forward and we can only do what we can and do what we are supposed to do. I’m not one of those people who tends to get all religious in times like these, but I have to believe there is a rhyme and reason for everything, perhaps something even greater. it all happens for a reason, and when i find the reason out i’d be more than happy to share it..

    I”d better stop now or my computer will crash from the tears…..

    great post, amy…

  6. Katie

    how perfect….just returned from leaving Jake in Utah and Ben in Boulder…..it was just hours ago I also completed that highway drive to the airport after saying goodbye….twice….ugh! lump in my throat….

    PS…nothing wrong with laughing to Howard Stern either…not that I enjoy his comments about “chicks breasts”….:))

  7. haha. i knew we would hear from you with all the Sirius and Howard Stern references. Lorrie, Katie’s hubby works for Sirius, those chic’s breast put chicken breasts on her table ; )

  8. Once again you hit the right cord. I also miss your daughter, my favorite granddaughter. Our private 20 minutes the other night was joy and an eyeopener. My little girl’s little girl has grown up. I’m fortunate to have both of you to love. I well remember taking you to RIT and being miserable when we left you there. Luv Ya

  9. wow. that is my dad everyone. talk about time to cry tuesday!

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