Off to Madtown!

Well, she came home for a brief 5 days and now she is off again! Miss Jana is off to Madison for her Sophomore year at University of Wisconsin. The pack home was a bit crazed last spring, but I am getting smart. 21 lbs. of shoes and boots were shipped UPS earlier this week and we are actually one bag down on the way out. Not bad!

Who is this lunatic standing on his head in the picture, you ask? Well, this guy would be one of the many reasons why Madison is such a wonderful place to go to school (and surely contributes to its nickname of Madtown). All along State Street you can see all sorts of colorful people. This is surely the quintessential college town.

I am sure I will post again over the weekend, chances of not having a few good pics and stories to tell are slim.


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7 responses to “Off to Madtown!

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    Oh to be young again. Jan, have a great time. I’m sure you are so happy to be back.

  2. This year marks my 25th. Yikes! May need to plan a trip to the old place soon!

    Happy Sophomore Year!

  3. We took my DD (sophomore also) to school last weekend. Her school is only 45 minutes from home, so we drove it all up. I wrote about it on my blog : )
    Back to School
    I’ve never seen so much junk stuff…..

  4. Ry

    That there is kinda genius. I wonder if we can get naked cowboy to play upside down against a tree? Probably not now that he has his own show.

  5. Lmao. That would be funny to see. You would that would start to hurt though

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