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Guitar for Sale

  It must be the week for signage. Or perhaps I am just out and paying more attention again lately. Actually, Gary found this one. What better selling point is there for a guitar than the fact that it has … Continue reading

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Obviously Men Can’t Smell

Or, hey bud, your nose is more than just a place to keep your finger. Monday 7:30 AM, returning home from an early morning dog walk. Scene: 2o-year-old son at kitchen table in the ‘I will never get used waking … Continue reading

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A Situation, or Life with a Lab.

Time: 6:45 am Gary: Nooooo! Uch, now YOU get it. Me: Ummm… you would be talking to who? Gary: No, I am not kidding, you get it. Me: (walking into the bathroom where I see both Gary and the Iko … Continue reading


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I don’t know about you, but Siri is the bane of my existence. I have tried to like the bitch, but she taunts me to no end. I have been driving in my car and found myself screaming at her … Continue reading


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Time to Cry Tuesday – ER, ER, Ow!

Did this translate. You know, like EI EI OH. Ok, sort of weak. Cut me some slack, that was ME in the ER for 21 friggin’ hours last week. Ok, a blanket I am so very sorry to everyone I … Continue reading


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God’s Love We Deliver Thanksgiving

There are events in your life that change you. In big ways. That make you think, OMG why have I never done anything like this before? This Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to be part of just such an event, … Continue reading


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Expiration date humiliation

Ok, I will admit it. I suck at throwing stuff away. I may appear to be all neat and Virgo when you first walk in my house but the pockets of stuff are way out of hand. Labor Day found … Continue reading


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Zombie Industries

This was in the window of a store next to the restaurant we ate at last weekend. I can tell you this is surely not the average window display on Long Island. I love the name Zombie Industries. Their tagline … Continue reading

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That would not be fashion nazi. I am a fashioNOTsa. Or why I suck at shopping. I know, I am a Jewish girl from Long Island and therefore it is expected that I love to shop. But I don’t. I … Continue reading


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Mothers of the Year – Tanorexic Mom and Pink Bikini Hooker Mom

Oh, how proud I am to live in the Northeast these days. We are blessed with two fabulous mother role models  just in time for Mother’s Day. How inspiring. Some of you moms out there are worrying about your parenting … Continue reading

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