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Cat Butt Gum

Is it really necessary for me to write about this? Was the snapping of the shot not enough commentary? I will leave but one comment here: Is anyone else disturbed by the level of detail in the rendering of the … Continue reading

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Time To Cry Tuesday – Is facebook like gum on your shoe?

I had this conversation with Dr. Jimmy the other day. We were talking about people who had become facebook friends and how they fit into our lives. I don’t think that when Zuckerberg thought this whole thing up he had … Continue reading

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I heart my WHAT gum?

This one gets the MFTA tag because I was waiting on line to pay at a store today and was called over to the cashier on the completely opposite side of the counter from where I was standing. Why? Because … Continue reading


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Move over Viagra, now there’s sex GUM!

While buying suntan lotion at Walgreen’s in South Beach I came across Sexlet – the sex gum, at the check out counter. Talk about an impulse buy! I have to admit I find the name rather annoying. Are they trying to … Continue reading


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Does this gum make my ass look big?

A friend once bought me this gum and I could not stop laughing. (thanks Cath). You can buy this gum here if you are so inclined, but that is not what this post is about. As women we are always … Continue reading


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Time to Cry Tuesday… Mom

Thanksgiving, like every holiday, starts off with the business of lists and recipes, shopping and cleaning and ends up where everything seems to, with the bittersweet memories of those we have lost. “Umm… Ame, what is up with the ancient can of … Continue reading


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Confession: I was THAT mom

These days I feel so far removed from the original I Could Cry Days of having no time. To breathe. To stop and think. To smell the peonies. Now life is more under control. The parenting that I do is … Continue reading


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Floss over Fifty

Floss for people over 50?! Really?! Please tell me who thought this was a good idea. Marketing a product that specifically targets an age group sitting snugly on the tail end of the baby boomers. You know us. We hardly … Continue reading

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Remembering Levon

Yesterday, April 19, 2012, the music world lost a legend, Levon Helm. This loss was a personal one in our home. Not only do my husband and I have a strong bond to the music of The Band, but our … Continue reading


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Kind of

This little pack of gum could come in really handy. Dealing with someone who is treating you like crap? Well then just hand them a pack of ‘You’re kind of a dick’ gum. I love gum with a message. This … Continue reading


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