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Time to Cry Tuesday – the reasons why Gary had kids

I first saw this questionaire on Yellow Jeep Blonde. Her sons did such a great job with it that I had to force ask my kids to do it too. It is a little long but a fast read. Last week I posted … Continue reading


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Gary and Amy’s Ronkonkoma Adventure

Yesterday I wrote about the Relations Auto Body Shop in this town. But I am so not done with the subject of Ronkonkoma. I really like to say that word! If you have ever ridden the Long Island Railroad there … Continue reading


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Inside out signage

This sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in town. From the outside, it reads ‘Organico’. From the inside… anyone see what I saw? As I was taking this shot I said to Gary, ‘Hey, doesn’t this sign look like … Continue reading


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This mom is dope

Or is she just a dope? This was taken at the same kid’s play as fashion dad. This place was blogger heaven. And what a perfect mother’s day post #1 (#2 will be the sentimental one where I refrain from … Continue reading

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Insomnia Questions

I can’t stay asleep. I have a sinus infection with laryngitis. ME. With laryngitis. Do the math on that one! You know the drill on sleeping with this stuff. You pass out and then you snore or hack yourself awake, … Continue reading

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Salt is So Over-rated

  This is the lid to my cottage cheese. Not Gary’s cottage cheese – mine. His? Plenty of salt. Like ridiculous amounts of salt.  480  mg to be exact (in resistant hypertension language that is like putting a gun in … Continue reading


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Time to Cry Tuesday – Being Six

Yeh, that’s me. At six. Six was pretty perfect. Obviously from this picture I was sure I was all that. This is such an amazing shot. Hey, it got over 50 likes on Facebook in less than 24 hours! I … Continue reading


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Number Two

This post is a little gift for my big bro, for he will love this the most. A note to preface my infantile ramblings; I grew up in a house where we never tired of bathroom humor. Or bathroom discussion, … Continue reading

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A fine line between tacky and kitsch

Yes, I made this for tonight’s Fourth of July party. No, I did not come up with it myself. I will admit here, in front of the entire internet that I made this from a facebook recipe. No, not even … Continue reading


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Send in the Clowns

I can’t help but think that dozens of clowns will come racing out of this truck when they lift the back up. I did not underestimate the creepiness of this vehicle. Once again, poor Gary was urged to ‘catch up … Continue reading


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