Time to Cry Tuesday – Elvis Costello

Alison into Red Shoes into Purple Rain into Pump it Up into Peace Love and Understanding.

If that means nothing to you, don’t worry, I will explain. If you get it… well, you just get it.

That first line was the set list from the second encore of Monday night’s Elvis Costello concert at the Beacon Theatre. For those of you who usually leave before the second encore to beat the crowd/traffic/whatever (you know who you are – ahem, Dr. Jimmy), you would have missed, hands down, the best part of the show. For the record I called 3 of the 5 songs before the set. (not Purple Rain… that was a great wild card).

I fell in love with Elvis Costello right around the time I met my husband. Much of his early music is the soundtrack of our first years together (I know… awww). One of our first concerts was Elvis at the Eastman Theatre when he stood under severe lighting in his Buddy Holly glasses and his angry young man stance. He was raw and full of energy and we could not get enough. That began a long standing love affair with his music as we followed his evolving career.

Tonight, he was the master entertainer. A man that loves what he does and makes you love him for it. You can see that he is having a blast up there and he wants to make sure everyone else is too. Half way through the show he had managed to melt away a rainy New York Monday for everyone in the theatre. Again, we could not get enough.

Music has a way of changing your mood, bringing back a moment, making you remember to FEEL (yes caps). It is the single easiest way to get an attitude adjustment and remember just what really makes you happy.

Thank you Elvis, for making this much more than another rainy monday in May.


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7 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Elvis Costello

  1. Liz

    So excited. Seeing him on the 15th June!

  2. Doctor Jimmy

    Wow…I take umbrage with that remark..The only show I left early for (with you and Gary) was Bruce at Nassau which had no Patti Scialfa, no Danny Federici, and no usual Bruce energy (a probable domestic squabble with Patti)…. I look forward to three FULL days at Bonnaroo and no Raul Malo……………..

    • I love getting you riled up, and yes you are the jam master concert goer, never having missed a bonnaroo since its inception.

      of course there is that love of Adele and you have been to a Gaga concert…

  3. Fook

    Absolute highlight of the evening …. I Want You. It’s always a special night when Elvis does that one, but tonight was completely unreal. Maybe the single best rendition I’ve ever seen him do.

    • Agree that was one moving song. Loved how he was in and out of the audience, away from the mike, wandering around the stage. I have seen him many times but this was surely a treat.

  4. robert

    When did Elvis play the Eastman. I saw him play the Auditorium. I lived in Rochester for most of my life, and I never remember him playing at the Eastman.

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